4 Common Materials Used to Create Custom Docks

If you have a piece of waterfront property, make the most of it by building a dock so that you can fish, swim and boat with ease. If you want a high-quality dock built that will last for years to come, it needs to be made from the right materials.
Many homeowners do not know the first thing about what materials you need to build a boat dock. The following guide walks you through a list of the materials a dock builder will need to use in order to build the perfect dock.
1. Massive Wooden Piles
To create a solid base for the dock, the builder will need to drive massive wooden piles into the ground. The piles will need to be long enough to go all the way to the bottom of the lake or pond you live on plus a few feet longer so that they can be driven down into the ground. Driving them into the ground makes it so that they do not move when the dock is connected to them or during a storm.
The massive piles are driven into the ground with a large weight that is connected to a small barge. The weight helps to ensure that the piles are driven deep enough into the ground to create the right support for the rest of the dock.
2. Pressure-Treated Lumber
A dock will be constantly exposed to the elements. In order to make sure that the dock does not rot away from the constant exposure, the builder will use pressure-treated lumber.
Pressure-treated lumber is lumber that has been treated by a special process that helps preserve it. The lumber will work the same way that untreated lumber works but will last a lot longer. Because of the treatment that the lumber goes through, it is significantly more expensive than untreated lumber, but it is definitely worth the cost since it won't need to be replaced for a long time.
Pressure-treated lumber is used to make the frame for the entire deck. The lumber is connected directly to the piles and then to one another to make the frame. The builder often has to get into the water in order to be able to reach all of the locations that need to be attached to one another.
3. Galvanized Screws
The builder will use galvanized screws when they attach the wood piles to each other. Traditional steel screws often become weak when exposed to moisture for an extended period of time. Galvanized screws have a protective coating on them that protects them from exposure to the elements.
Galvanized screws are more costly than traditional screws because of the special coating on them. Buying them in bulk can often help to cut the cost of the screws though.
4. Composite Decking
When you have a dock built, composite decking is one of the best options to use to create the top of the deck where everyone walks. Composite decking is designed to remain beautiful for years to come without requiring a lot of maintenance. It does not warp, fade or splinter over time. Composite decking is available in many different colors to create a custom look on your deck.
Composite decking will be attached to the frame that was built with galvanized screws. Once the decking is attached to the frame, the dock will be ready to use.
If you are considering building a dock on your waterfront property, visit Larsen Bros. Lumber Co. We carry all of the materials listed above and more. We'll make sure you have everything you need to build your custom dock.